Pedroche responds to Lucía Etxebarria’s attack for showing off her postpartum physique: “Don’t make me feel like a bad mother”

Cristina Pedroche It has been a trend on social networks since this weekend for an image in which it boasts of express postpartum recovery. The presenter of Password she became the mother of a girl less than a month ago, on July 14.

After the numerous criticisms received, the woman of Dabiz Muñoz shared a statement explaining that “I have not said that this is the body that anyone has to have after giving birth. It is my account and I am talking about my personal case, I am not talking about other women.” “It’s exhausting having to explain everything I do and having to receive all this hate all the time. Shame on me for sharing, I didn’t think this was going to get messed up,” she added.

However, his justification was not enough, since the writer Lucía Etxebarria he dedicated a harsh text to him on Twitter. “Cristina Pedroche bills between 1 and 2 million euros a year. She alone, I think her husband bills more or less the same. Cristina can play sports because she has a personal trainer. She can eat healthy food because someone cooks for her. She can do meditation because the staff and the nurse help her, and that gives her time to herself. You won’t be able to do it. But your body will still be precious, and your baby will love you just the same. Oh, let’s not forget, if you’re self-employed worker, three days after giving birth you will already be putting out fires at home from the computer,” she wrote.

Etxebarria’s message, which is already viral on Twitter with more than 23,000 ‘likes’, received the recipient’s response at dawn this Tuesday. “Hello Lucía, sorry for the hours but the girl has just fallen asleep now. I don’t have any kind of help at home for her, I live alone with my husband and my mother some mornings she comes to see the girl and if she changes a diaper (sorry about this). I don’t have a personal trainer because I studied myself, but of course I turn to professionals when I don’t have the capacity or knowledge. (Sorry about this too.) All bodies are real and valid and all women are equal in appearance. Good mothers. Please don’t try to make me feel like a bad mother,” Pedroche said.