Carolina Marín, new brand image for Helios’ ‘Purafruta’ range of products


The Spanish badminton player Carolina Marín is the new brand image of the Spanish business group of the food industry Helios for its range of ‘Purafruta’ products, an innovative variety of fruit spreads.

With the choice of the woman from Huelva as brand ambassador for ‘Purafruta’, Helios seeks to highlight “the flavor of the origin” and highlight the importance of valuing the “roots”. In addition, the business group highlights the “values” shared with the three-time world champion, six-time European champion and gold medalist at Rio 2016.

“I am excited to join Helios and be part of this campaign that highlights the flavor and essence of our roots. I believe that valuing and keeping in mind our origin, as well as believing in ourselves, are fundamental values ​​to achieve our goals, both both in sports and in everyday life,” said Marín.

For his part, Helios stressed that the Andalusian “fully represents the values” that they want to “transmit” through their brand. “We are sure that his example of improvement will inspire many people to value and be proud of their origins,” he stressed.

‘Purafruta’ is a range of fruit spreads created to meet the growing demand for healthier foods, without sacrificing flavor and quality. It is the only product on the market that contains 250 grams of fruit in 250 grams of product, which allows them to say that it is a “100% fruit origin” product. It is made only with fruit from specially selected origins.