Barcelona achieved their second consecutive victory in LaLiga after beating Athletic Club in San Mamés. Of course, again with an excellent participation of his young player, Pedri, who scored the tying goal and also assisted Leo Messi in the 1-2. He expresses himself with an unnaturalness of an 18-year-old boy. Based on humility, talent and work, he has made a place for himself in the first team and today he has become Messi's best partner in attack.

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Very important victory?

Yes. We knew it was a vital match for us. We knew what we were up against, a team that was constantly looking for Williams' speed. We were able to stop it, although it is true that the first goal was a hard blow, but we knew how to overcome it.

The best thing about the game is that you didn't break down today?

When you score a goal so early, the normal thing is to break down. We did the opposite, with confidence we knew how to overcome. I stay with that.

De Jong's faith and tie with head …

Yes. I had never scored headlong in my life. De Jong followed the play and I was able to score the tie.

How has your assistance been on Messi's goal?

It is a very fast play that Leo passes behind and talks to you. If he doesn't speak to you, you don't even see him. He is alone behind and luckily the goalkeeper had come out and has sneaked it in.

It seems that Pedri plays as if he were in his living room …

I'm happy for the victory and for my goal and assist.

And LaLiga?

LaLiga is very long and anything can happen. We are going to keep fighting it and we are going to fight to get first place.

Alba: “Leo doesn't change, that's why he's the best in the world by far”

Jordi Alba he was very satisfied with the victory against Athletic Bilbao in San Mamés and above all because “the team's feelings are getting better and better.”

What is your assessment of the game?

We have been very superior and those that the game did not start well for us because we conceded a goal very early against. We already knew that we had to watch Williams' speed, which has done us a lot of damage. But first Pedri and then with Messi we have been able to come back.

And Messi scoring two goals and crashing two posts —

Leo does not change. He is the best in the world by far. And two clubs in addition. That he marks helps us a lot to those behind.

Do you see the League still possible?

Everything depends on us. The sensations are getting better and better. We have to keep working because we are going to more.


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