Complicated adversary. “La Cultural has eliminated very important teams and is a great Second B team, and last season we had to go through several extra time. Everything is very close to a game. We expected an exciting and even tie, although it is better that, within the alternatives and in addition to the goal conceded so soon, it was our duty not to have defined better in the last third. I congratulate the team ”.

Goal conceded after three minutes. “We did not start the game well, conceding the goal in a somewhat strange action in a game under very cold weather in which it is difficult to enter, but then the team recovered well and in addition to the tying goal we managed to turn the game around. In the second half we had to choose a little better in the last meters ”.

Granada Shield / Flag

Scoring chances. “Although the local occasions sounded more so with the public, Granada could have scored long before it was not for a last pass, the quality of a center or the definition. When you are not finished being effective, they will always have options. The pity was not having that success in the last third. Later, some players came without competition rhythm and it was a challenge and an uncertainty to know how long they could hold, and they did well ”.

Players return after downtime as Montoro. “He played a lot more than we expected. It was not for more than 20 or 25 minutes “

Victor Diaz. “It is difficult to shoot players who come from injuries so that they rejoin the competition with three games almost every week, because we cannot risk with the discomfort and we must adjust a lot. In addition, it also conditioned the cold, because there was a part of the field that was quite icy ”.

Complicated match. “Granada always competes at the highest level and we once again adapted to freezing temperatures. Every time we wear this shirt we give our best. From there, to work, we already play on Saturday

4000 spectators in the Kingdom of León. “I don't do the protocols, I just adapt. The public is always important for the local team, and I hope we can have it soon at our stadium. Good luck to Cultural Leonesa in the League.”


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