Although she is reserved with her private life and keeps it in the background, she frequently shares romantic moments with her husband on Instagram, Christian Galvez. She, too, has not been shy about talking about him on television and has had no qualms about sharing a set with her lover. Now, Patricia Pardo He has also offered some statements with which he tries to silence certain gossip.

When asked why the two decided to get married in secret, the Mediaset presenter answers: “Because we decided that way. We are very prudent and we like to ensure our privacy,” she says in an interview with the magazine. Pronto published this Monday. The two announced that they secretly married in late July. They then explained that they got married a year earlier, in the summer of 2022, just a few months after the separation of the presenter and the former gymnast became known. Almudena Cid.

Pardo explains that things have been said that are not true: “I was divorced since 2020. I did not separate, as they said, in the summer of 2021, and I want to clarify that I did not know Christian when I got divorced. Those who invent “Things do a lot of damage.” Patricia was first married to the police officer Francisco Marquezwith whom he has his little ones Aurora y Sofia. He is now expecting his third child, whose sex is not yet known, with whom he was a presenter of Pass word y 25 words.

The Galician communicator, who now works in We’ll see Together with Joaquín Prat, she assures that she will continue “until the end of the pregnancy” on television, as she did in her two previous pregnancies. He says that he is handling the pregnancy “very well”: “Great, not a single problem, no discomfort. I feel very energetic.”

Regarding the baby that is on the way, he also adds: “He is a very desired child, both for my partner and for me. It is a wonderful challenge for both of us.”

Christian, who did not have children with Cid, is also drooling at this very special moment in both of their lives: “I am excited to see how he lives this new experience for him. He is a very sensitive man and I see him excited and Very excited about the upcoming birth of our son,” says Pardo.