“Look where his hand is”: Carmen Borrego’s indignation when she sees the most controversial photos of Bigote Arrocet

For years the mysterious images of Arrocet Mustache con Gema Serrano. Some images that were supposedly taken when the Chilean comedian was with Maria Teresa Campos and that, they claim, do not leave the comedian in a very good position. They were never published.

Since a few weeks ago Mustache reappeared in Friday, his plots with the Campos are back in the news (if they have ever stopped being news…). This Friday at This is life They have talked about these photographs.

Antonio Montero has contacted him to ask permission to show these images on the program. However, he has gotten a “no” for an answer: “Hello Antonio. I am in Chile. Without my explicit authorization you cannot show anything, because you expose yourself to very serious legal measures”.

However, among the chatters they have ventured to see the images: “I want you to see the position of both of them. They enter the apartment separately and Through the window you can see what they are doing inside the house“, described Gema Fernández. Montero, for her part, added: “Photos can suggest things, but They are not photos that prove infidelity. They may correspond to the reception of some friends“. Fernández does not share his opinion at all: “I see my partner like this and I put the suitcases outside. Look where his hand is“.

Gema Serrano on Telecinco

“Basta ya”

Carmen Borrego, for her part, has not even looked at the cell phone from which the images were shown. and has lamented, very indignant at the memory of María Teresa Campos: “Enough is enough. I don’t want photos nor am I going to participate in something about a person who is not there to defend themselves.. Something that corresponds to the privacy and dignity of a woman and I do not want to participate in this. You find it funny, I don’t like it“.

And he added: “It is unnecessary to leave a person who is not for one thing or another. My mother is not here and I feel bad. It touches me and it touches me a lot. My feelings are towards the person who has been honored until his last breath and does not deserve this to be done to him. It hurts me. My mother is no longer here. Whether she passed or not, she would have no validity.”

Carmen, who also said she had a “complicated” week due to the controversy with her son, stated: “I understand where I work but it’s not just my mother. She is everyone’s companion and deserves respect. It is the respect that I ask of you all“.