Dani Alves returns from Ibiza to sign in court after his controversial vacation with Joana Sanz

Dani Alves He is already in Barcelona after having spent a holiday in Ibiza with his wife, Joana Sanz. The footballer celebrated his birthday a few days ago on the Pitiusan island, but his trip has already come to an end. Like every Friday, he went to the Barcelona Court to sign after his release from prison after being convicted of sexual assault on a young woman.

Since his release from prison on March 25 after paying a million euro bail, The athlete enjoys his provisional freedom while waiting for a final sentence to dictate whether he has to re-enter the Brians 2 prison. For this reason, he takes advantage of the time next to Sanz, with whom he continues to live in Esplugues de Llobregat due to the impossibility of traveling outside of Spain, as was imposed after leaving of prison. Alves attended his court date on May 10 with his lawyer, Inés Guardiola, hiding his face with a cap and sunglasses.

The Brazilian and the Canary Islander got people talking on May 6 after the young woman, 31, congratulated her husband on his recently turned 41.. “One more year. One more year to start over. One more year to rebuild. One more year to turn tears of sadness into tears of joy. One more year of maturation. Happy return to the sun. I love you,” he wrote in an Instagram post, where he included a photograph of Alves very smiling and dressed in a bathrobe. After this, numerous users shared their confusion on social networks, since the release of the Brazilian from prison generated indignation among a large part of the population.

Since the former Barça winger – father of two children from his relationship with Dinorah Santana – went to prison in January of last year, Their relationship went through ups and downs. and through phases of confusion, partly due to Sanz’s contradictory attitudes on his social networks.

Joana announced their separation in March 2023, but her subsequent visits to Brians 2 and His messages on networks implied the opposite.. After he was released, she was waiting for him at his house in Esplugues de Llobregat, one of the most affluent areas of Barcelona. The two married in July 2017 in Formentera.