Sweden would support the Spanish if they decide to “boycott” Friday’s match


Swedish international Filippa Angeldahl has assured that her teammates would support a possible boycott of the Spanish team in the Nations League match that both teams are playing this Friday, and regrets that they find themselves in such a “difficult” situation.

“They must feel all the support around them, other countries support them in the decision they choose to make. If they feel that they need to boycott the game for something to happen, it is clear that we support them. That would mean that there is something that needs to change and that what has been done in the national team has not been enough,” he said in statements to the Swedish newspaper ‘Aftonbladet’.

The Manchester City midfielder, who lost in the semi-finals of the last World Cup against Spain, considers that the fact that they have been called up despite having requested otherwise puts them in a “very difficult” situation. “It’s clear that we’ve talked a little about it, it’s a pretty delicate topic. It’s hard to say, I think they’re also very confused. There’s been a lot of back and forth. It’s a very difficult situation,” she said.

“I don’t think anyone wants to go through something like this, I think it takes a lot of their energy mentally. It must take a lot of reasons to say no to a national team. The national team is the best thing we have, you want to represent your country,” he concluded. .