The tragicomedy of the Campos, the disaster of the Obregón wedding and Doña Elena’s ugly hats

This time I have it clear: Ten minutes takes the cake on all the magazine covers this dying week. And not because she has the exclusive of the year (that only happens on television anymore) but because she has achieved the most difficult one yet, the one impossible to imagine, what one would never have believed if they told me: Terelu without an angry face and even with a smile that changes her from top to bottom.

It is not a pose, not even a red carpet or a promo. Terelu went to the Málaga of her soul where the mayor is studying naming a street in the name of María Teresa Campos (and I thought he already had it) and together they decide how to pay that tribute. And without anyone designing it, Terelu arrives at her appointment with the biggest smile she can fit on her face and a reporter achieves that impossible after a very long season where we only saw her either sad or angry. Well, the noses are over. And Real Madrid had not yet won against Bayern. That night (last Wednesday) María Teresa’s daughter even shared the cup that she put into her body after the white team’s heart-stopping victory. “I deserve it,” she said to her followers, happy as a partridge. As I sense that things are not going to last long and the annoyances will come, there remains that moment of a smiling Terelu that will last as long as a girlfriend with Bigote Arrocet.

Tears do resurface on the cover of Week with version B of the Campos and the bad gesture milk by Carmen Borrego. Of course the date brought them and celebrating Mother’s Day with a son who is neither here nor expected and a daughter-in-law who has been blown away by the wind is not enough to show off teeth. Borrego has a lot of trouble with his family’s troubles and the accusations that Bigote’s daughter has thrown at him, but hey, no one gave a damn about the television future of the Campos after the loss of the great María Teresa and there they are providing content week after week with what that adds up to the programs. As a friend of mine says, the good thing about this life is that everyone has their audience.

It’s hard for me to understand how there is no one who loves Infanta Elena better and hides those brimmed hats that she wears every now and then.. He did it again this week at the Madrid Open and I see the photo of him in the magazines and it is difficult for me to digest that lack of affection or that good advice from a friend, mother or neighbor who tells him to leave the hat at home . The best thing that Marichalar did for the royal family was to turn Elena into one of the most elegant and from those moments there is not even a good wardrobe left. It is clear that Elena goes through everything and in the end even she is going to be right but I still have a hard time understanding that her daughter Vickyfede, the official fashionista, does not give her any of her fashion tips that are making her rich in social networks.

Because what a bargain she has found with being the niece of the king and an influencer of luxury brands. Then she complains in her friends’ videos that they don’t understand her and criticize her (this week she did it again in Vicky Martín Berrocal’s post) but the last straw would be if they even applauded her for keeping it warm for being a niece of Felipe VI. Anyway…

I go back to the covers to see how Hola y Readings They coincide in giving the wedding of the son of Paloma Lago and Javier García Obregón. There was a time when weddings were a guaranteed bestseller but today I don’t know if things are so clear.. There are even websites that are dedicated to making weddings out of everything and in the end they manage to bore the sheep. That being said, I’ll stick with the communions of 2024, which are pure excess without measure. And I warn you because we are in the month of communions and what is already being seen promises to give afternoons of glory to the culture of excess. The Obregón thing was all very predictable: the mother (Paloma Lago) of the ideal groom, the groom’s aunt (Ana Obregón) excited and missing her son Aless, the groom’s father (Javier García Obregón) discreet as always and protected for her family, the beautiful bride and a carbon copy of her mother-in-law, the groom a good son that every mother-in-law would want for her daughter…

Nothing to do with Isabel Pantoja’s family, which continues to be an absolute disaster with no sign of changing status. I see Isabel in Ten minutes with her friend Mariló de la Rubia walking through Córdoba. She goes to doctors but without canceling any more concerts because she owes almost two million to the Treasury and is not in the mood to say no to the tour. According to what they tell me, the cache of his performances is around 150,000 euros and that at some times they have given him up to 200,000. Cup by cup Isabel hopes to be able to end her tax debt and be able to maintain what remains of her assets. Meanwhile, she takes care of herself and I observe that she does it in the purest pantojil style where she never misses a tracksuit or a ponchito that covers her curves. Of course, the singer is in favor of the usual sneakers or sports fashion and I put the magnifying glass to see that she is wearing the most comfortable Sketchers model with a last that allows you to put on your shoes without having to bend down or tie laces. You put your foot in as if it were a clog and bam! heel strike and sneaker on (at the time Nuria Roca advertised them and I was amazed to see how she put them on without straining her kidneys). La Pantoja leaves her heels for the stage as Letizia is going to have to do a long season. All the magazines report on her swollen foot and not on the brilliant speech she made the other day extolling the value of reading and encouraging people to put down their cell phones to open books.

A happy ending is the one between two couples as different as Gunilla and Luis Ortizthat the years go by and their union endures (together they arrived at the Marbella Club anniversary days ago), and the former Silvia Tortosa, Carlos Canovas, the non-widower as they already call him, who despite not having received a single euro from the actress’s will (Silvia already took it upon herself to leave in writing that infidelity was a reason for disinheriting him) walks around so happy with his girlfriend (” Week”) and shows that he doesn’t give a damn about anything they say or do. He tells me that what he has not received in inheritance he will get on sets. We will see.