The Real Madrid squad listens carefully to the news that arrives about the status of the negotiations on the renewal of two heavyweights such as Modric (35) and Ramos (34), who are already in their last year of contract. And there is a large sector of the clothing that is suspicious of the Alaba case. Many players They do not fully understand the possibility that Ramos will not be renewed after 16 years of service to the entity due to a money issue and that the club weigh, on the other hand, give the same salary to a player like Alaba (28 years old), that in no case would he have the hierarchy of the central in the team and that he would have to adapt.

This position is directly related to the one advanced by AS about a private meeting in the locker room in which it was agreed to say “no” to Real Madrid's proposal to make a 10% salary cut due to the coronavirus crisis for the second consecutive year. It is understood by most players that if the club is planning to do big investments next summer in players like Mbappé, Camavinga or Alaba himself, There must also be money to pay the full salary. On the other hand, it is argued that this season There has been no stoppage of the competition for the State of Alarm and that the money from the television will be charged in full. And that, except for Barça, which is technically bankrupt, no other entity talks about these cuts.

Regarding the Alaba case, which a large part of the squad is suspicious of, although it is true that the Austrian player is free, it is also true that it is unavoidable to pay a transfer premium for him that will cost between 20 and 30 million euros. Regarding the salary that Bayern wants, there is certainty that he would enter directly into the second salary step of Madrid, which also raises blisters. The cap is the 15 million euros net that Hazard and Bale now charge. Then, men like Ramos or Benzema, perceive 12. And there is a third step in which Modric would be, with nine.

Fully contrasted information arrives from Germany stating that Alaba did not reach an agreement with Bayern to renew because He wanted to collect 25 million euros gross (12.5 net). His agent, Pini Zahavi, also from Lewandowski, knows what the forward charges and wanted to put the Austrian on his step, in those 25 million gross. And finally it went down to 20 (10 net). Bayern did not agree and that's why he's leaving … but now, not charging less than 12 net, which is just Ramos' salary, Although Florentino Pérez recently claimed (when Ramos asked for the letter of freedom to go to China for free), that the camero was the highest paid of the squad (which would place him in the 15 million clean of Hazard and Bale).

Ramos-Florentino encounters.

For the Madrid squad, it is easy to position themselves with their captain. Ramos' personality is very strong and he has been working as such for many years. And they are already many times those who have come out in defense of their teammates. The last and very notorious, in the locker room after the team eliminated from the Champions fell against Ajax. Then, as it transpired in the media, Florentino went down to that locker room to reproach the squad for poor performance in such an important event. Ramos faced him: “The planning, a shame,” the player came to recriminate him, it was the season after Cristiano left. “I miss you,” the president replied. “Perfect, you pay me and I go,” settled the defender. Shortly after, curiously, the captain requested the letter of freedom to go to China.

There are more episodes in which Ramos has come out in defense of the dressing room by contradicting its president. For example, When last season Mourinho's name began to sound: “We have been without him for five years and we have won a lot”, he did not hesitate to say to defend Zidane. Or when there was talk of the need for Conte's strong hand, with Solari on the bench and Lopetegui recently dismissed: “Respect is earned, it is not imposed.” Ramos' teammates have always appreciated that he goes face-to-face … and that he always show his face on the pitch.


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