Another slip of the Atlético de Madrid in a Copa del Rey It seems that it is not made for the group that leads Diego Pablo Simeone. If last season left you in the gutter Cultural Leonesa Against all odds this time a Cornellá that never let him be comfortable on the field. A match in which they won thanks to a goal after eight minutes from which they could not recover. It was time for the players with fewer minutes to step forward and the truth is that little can be highlighted about this Unit B that they did not even finish leading two heavyweights like Saúl and Joao Felix. It is surprising that the leader of the League will not have options in the Cup. Inexplicable.

One of the main interests of these parties from the first rounds of the Copa del Rey is to see the attitude of some players with a few minutes in less usual scenarios for First-class footballers. Well if he Cholo I wanted to see those footballers in trouble, it was better not to play the match…. At six minutes Giménez was injured after making an entrance to Rulo. At the service of that foul came the goal of Cornellá. Agus Medina who threw the indirect free to the area and Adrian Jimenez that finishes to change the trajectory of the ball to San Roman for the 1-0 to come. Revenge of a player who was in the mattress affiliate in 2018-19.

Uphill the match was put to the mattresses, below on the scoreboard something they are not used to (it has only happened before the Bayern in Champions and the Real Madrid in League) in an unusual field due to the artificial grass (the ball bounce is not the same) and due to the dimensions that complicated the interned on the wings. So they started practicing the strategy. What a remedy! Thus came an occasion to Savic, a ball behind Joao to which no one came. Those opportunities were interspersed with a double chance of belt or a shot to the crossbar of Saul.

The tie seemed like it was a matter of time … Until the Cornellá with a shot of David sanchez from the front and Estellés with a cross shot. So Joao Felix He decided to remember that he was on the field with an impressive heel … belt he did not score and the play was canceled for offside. But in that action he made it clear that he is a different footballer. Although the feeling was that the question was in the heights and Philip touched the goal with a head after a stop Savic. Thus the break was reached with surprise on the scoreboard.

The second part began with a Atlético de Madrid who expanded the field by hitting a band Ricard, the canterano advanced his position, and on the other side he stayed Joao Felix to try to have spaces in the left band. Thus they began to dominate a game a little more that could have been more expensive if the lineman had not signaled offside in a play in which Vitolo left his field and in another of belt.

Cornellà: Ramón Juan; Estellés (Guzmán, min. 74), Borja García, Adrián Jiménez, Rulo; Carlos, Medina; David, Pol Moreno (Kevin Presa, min. 89), Eloy Gila (Chiki, min. 74); and Pablo Fernández (Max Marcet, min. 89).

Atlético de Madrid: San Roman; Ricard Sánchez, Felipe, Giménez (Savic, min.10), Lodi; Saúl, Torreira, Kondogbia, Vitolo (Saponjic, min. 65); Joao Félix (Corral, min. 75) and Correa.

Goal: 1-0: (7 '): Adrián Jiménez.

Referee: Cuadra Fernández (Balearic Committee). Yellow to Borja García; and Giménez (6 '), and he sent off Ricard Sánchez with a double yellow card (min. 52 and min. 63) for the visitors.

Incidents: Nou Municipal de Cornellà.

But another setback came in the 62nd minute. Ricard who was being the best in the second half left his leg in a split ball with the goalkeeper and saw the second yellow. Simeone gave entrance to Saponjic desperate instead of Vitolo. The Serbian reappeared as he did in León last season. However, the mattresses lost the little control with which they had started the second half. So Cholo surprised everyone, withdrawing from the field Joao Felix and debuting Mario Soriano. A second forward with a great future. Well, the bet gave its effect and the mattresses once again had control of the game. Saponjic He was able to score, first with a head and a few minutes later in a play that was invalidated by offside.

In the last minutes the Atlético de Madrid He tried desperately but this time Luis Suárez was not there to solve the ballot as happened in Vitoria. Correa tried it up to three times, he was the one who showed the most desire, and a Mario Soriano who was very participative in the few minutes he had. But none of that was enough for the colchoneros to end up achieving a draw that they surely deserved by push but much more is expected from the leader of the League.

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