José Rojo Martín, “Pacheta”, is the coach chosen by Huesca to redirect the situation that has led the Alto Aragonese club to the red lantern. Football owed Pacheta an opportunity in the First Division, after being promoted to Elche last year in the Playoff, and that opportunity ended up being provided by the Huesca people, with half a season still at stake and with a transfer market in which he can retouch the bases of his new team.

The challenge of the Burgos coach is not easy, since his new club is bottom, with six points of disadvantage with permanence. It will not be the first time that Pacheta trains in the First Division, he already did it 12 seasons ago with Numancia, directing the Sorianos during 15 meetings. After two adventures abroad, in Thailand and Poland, he took Elche to achieve two promotions, from Second B to First in three years. Some achievements that have earned him to reach Huesca and attempt a colossal challenge, such as permanence.


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