The National Police is preparing a device in the Centro district and other districts of the capital to avoid possible riots after the soccer World Cup match between the national teams of Spain and Morocco tomorrow Tuesday, the delegate told the media this afternoon. of the Government in Madrid, Mercedes González.

However, he has sent a message of “tranquility, calm and serenity” because he does not see realistic comparisons such as those being made about the riots that occurred in other European cities after the matches in which Morocco played. “In no game of this team in Madrid has there been any type of incident,” González pointed out.

As he explained, in the Civil Guard demarcation a risk analysis has been carried out and they do not see any in tomorrow’s football game. In addition, he recalled that in the Christmas Security Plan, presented last week, there are already more than a thousand police officers deployed every day in all the central areas of Madrid.

“That is why I want to send a message of calm and security. I hope that this time, unfortunately for the Moroccans, victory will fall”, the representative of the central Executive in Madrid concluded.