Sara Salamo She has been outraged on her social networks following an unpleasant episode on a train. “I am going on the AVE from Madrid to Seville sitting in front of a family that is traveling with a girl of about ten years old,” the actress wrote this Sunday.

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the interpreter of Costa del Sol Brigadewhich is installed in the Seville capital with Isco Alarcon and her children, narrated what happened: “We’ve been there for forty minutes and they still haven’t turned on the small televisions that promised entertainment and that the girl is looking forward to… I hear her ask several times: ‘When does the movie start?'”

Next, the girl threw a tantrum: “She ends up getting impatient, she languishes and puffs… The food her father offers her doesn’t feel like it either.” Sálamo was struck by the father’s reaction: “So when she complains again, her father responds with ‘You won’t be that hungry. Eat it!'”

Sara lamented: “And since she doesn’t like her daughter’s gesture or response, the man’s next sentence is: ‘The nonsense is over, I’m going to smack you!’ At that moment my heart stopped. I’m afraid if, in the face of a bad gesture from the girl, he makes good on his threat.”

The little girl’s reaction was as follows: “She doesn’t flinch, she doesn’t react in any way to her father’s violence. She keeps the same face she had before listening to him. ‘That level of violence must be customary at home,’ I think. ..”.

Next, Sara began to interact with the girl: “I take out a small notebook and a pen that I carry in my bag and tell her that it is a gift for her… She is happy, she no longer complains. Her father thanks me in a very kind and polite. ‘I wish you were this respectful and kind to your own daughter,’ I think.”

After this unpleasant experience, the actress from Tenerife sends an important message: “I am also a mother, I also lose my temper and my nerves when I am exhausted and so do my children and they have a tantrum that overwhelms me. So I understand the feeling. That feeling of being exhausted or exhausted, of having had a bad day at work or not having been able to sleep and that your children do not make it easy for you and there are complaints, tantrums, claims…”.

However, in no way supports the father’s attitude: “But that does not justify that any boy or girl has assimilated a threat like that of this father, who not only notices that it is not the first time he has done it , but during the next half hour in which I write this text, he does not apologize either. Do you feel that you have done nothing wrong…?

In this sense, he added: “What would happen if I got up and told him that if he does something like that again, I’m going to smack him? I suppose the whole wagon would be scandalized and there would be consequences of some kind… But since it’s from a father to a daughter, it seems like ‘he knows how he raises his daughter’ and the rest of us shouldn’t meddle.” Thus, his sentence is clear: “If the person who should care for and protect you is the one who threatens, harasses and violent you… Nothing can go right.”