Nacho Cano messes with imperialism and Franco and the networks roar for his ‘brother-in-law revisionism’

Nacho Cano’s words have raised more than blisters on Twitter. The musician, composer, producer and soul of Mecano, in full promotion of the second season of Malinchetalks about the whitewashing of Spanish imperialism and Franco in an interview in The country. The reactions on the networks have made it a trend of the day. “This dictatorship of thought that we live in is very similar to Franco,” is one of his phrases.

Nacho Cano has been dispatched at ease. About his musical, Malinche, has admitted that he whitewashes imperialism because he tries to “bring out the good part of history” and adds: “There are a lot of people who take care of the bad part.” In the aforementioned newspaper, they ask her about her relationship with Isabel Díaz Ayuso, president of the Community of Madrid, of whom she has said that she is “the savior of Spain.” The musician responds with a blunt “Now it seems that you have to think, speak and act as people say.” And he finishes: “At this moment, he is the only person who gives me guarantees.” Nacho Cano’s most commented words on the Internet have to do with Franco: “The dictatorship we live in is very strong. It is very similar to Franco’s.”

Among his critics, the actor Carlos Bardem and the writer and screenwriter Bob Pop. Carlos talks about revisionism brother-in-lawhelper of Nacho Cano and Bob Pop points out: “Now I just want Nacho Cano to explain colonialism to me.”

These statements are preceded by controversy. Just a few days ago, Cano, in the midst of promoting the second season of his musical, said in an interview with The world within the context of Spanish imperialism: “If we had not discovered America, you would not have that iPhone and the Second World War would have been won by Hitler.” And in another interview with EFE, Nacho’s press office also got involved and had to intervene, accusing the agency of distorting and decontextualizing Nacho’s words. “The history of Mexico is the history of Spain. Mexico did not exist before the arrival of the Spanish,” read the transcript, which was published by several Mexican media. “Nacho is an admirer of this great, unique and magical country,” the musician’s office said.