Media mogul and Chairman of News Corp, Rupert Murdoch, is getting married for the fifth time at the age of 92, as he himself announced a few days ago. He has committed to Ann Lesley Smith (66), about which new information is pouring out in the international media.

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As it is, the Daily Mail publishes that the businesswoman and former model was accused of “financial abuse of the elderly” in 2008. All as a result of the death of her first husband, businessman and country-western musician Chester Smith, who died at the age of 78 in Palo Alto , california. She was also accused of withholding money from the inheritance of her three stepdaughters (Roxanne, Laura y Lorna) and to influence her husband’s decisions on inheritance and will.

Ann Lesley, who was named by her husband as executor of the will, denied all the allegations but faced several legal battles with the stepdaughters. Among other issues, she for the trust of a property of great value from her husband. Justice spoke: “The court has lost all confidence in the intent of Ann Lesley Smith other than to thwart Chester Smith’s bequests to her three daughters.”

Following this, Ann Lesley Smith agreed to pay $3 million to the court. The daughters of the late musician and businessman were eventually compensated with shares in some of his late father’s businesses. As of July 2010, all legal actions against Ann Lesley Smith have been withdrawn with prejudice, so the case is closed and cannot be reopened.

Murdoch y Ann Lesley Smith

The Australian, owner, in the United Kingdom, of The Sun y The Times, has been engaged for the fifth time. Owner of the influential News Corp media group, he has been one of its tabloids, The New York Post, the medium in charge of disseminating the news. The Australian-born tycoon, who became an American citizen in 1985, will marry Ann Lesley Smithformer San Francisco police officer.

They met at one of Murdoch’s California vineyards last September, a month after the billionaire’s latest divorce was finalized. After a few months together, Murdoch proposed to her on St. Patrick’s Day. “I was very nervous. I was afraid of falling in love, but I knew that this would be the last. It would be better. I’m happy,” he told one of his newspapers.

The wedding will take place at the end of summer. The two hope to “spend the second half of our lives together.” The tycoon divorced his fourth wife, the American model Jerry Hall, in August 2022 after six years together. Hall was the wife of the singer of the Rolling Stones, Mick Jaggerwith whom he has four children.

Murdoch’s six children, Prudence (64), Elisabeth (54), Lachlan (51), James (50), Grace (21) y Chloe (19) will be present on this special day for their father. The eldest is the result of his marriage to his first wife, Patricia Booker; Elisabeth, Lachlan and James are children of his second wife, Anna Murdoch; Grace and Chole, the little ones, he had with his third wife, Wendi Deng. With Hall, his fourth wife, he had no issue.