The wedding of Pablo Motos and Laura Llopis: secret entrance to the court, paella and home

Like every Thursday, in the anthill it always ends up talking about weddings due to the presence of the tertullian Tamara Falco, which is in the chapel, as the whole country knows. In this week’s gathering he has been its presenter, Paul Motorcyclesthe one who has “chopped” and has gone on the tongue recounting details of his own wedding with the producer and screenwriter Laura Llopiswhich was held in absolute secrecy: “They sneaked us into the courts from behind and through very strange rooms,” Pablo confessed, who summed up the sparse celebration that followed with “we ate a paella, drank and went home.” .

Pablo has revealed some of the details of his relationship with his wife more than 28 years ago, after hearing how Tamara assured that during the party after their wedding at the El Rincón farm, inherited from her father, Carlos Falco“there will be alcohol, and Íñigo has asked me to have cocktails from early morning and wine, which we are producers”.

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The host of the program compared his very discreet wedding with the one that Tamara is going to celebrate in style: “We got married in secret. We didn’t feel like putting on a sarao,” he said.

Later he recalled how they managed to hide the ceremony from everyone: “In the court they put me from behind, we went through some very strange rooms and they took me to the top”, although those who did see them were the officials and workers of the court, that they applauded after the “yes, I want”.

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As the presenter explained, as the only celebration, Motos and his wife, together with their closest friends, did what any family would on a normal Sunday: “We ate a paella, drank and went home.”

Little is known about the intimacy of Pablo Motos, except that he and his wife, Laura Llopis, have been together for more than 30 years. She is very discreet, so she tries to stay away from the media spotlight. Motos’ wife also works on a program hosted by her husband, where she is a script coordinator. Laura has two daughters from a previous relationship with Pablo, who also work on the program, according to what the “boss” has previously said.

On one occasion, the presenter revealed how their love began: “We met on the radio, in Valencia, I was a presenter and she was in production. I liked her but she passed, the greatest contempt is nothing compared to the of her. I asked myself ‘are you going to die without having kissed her?’, and one day I jumped in”. Since that day, Laura and Pablo have not separated.