The losses of En-Nesyri for an indefinite period and of Munir during the African Cup will cause Sevilla to go to the winter market to have another striker on the squad at least to make up for those attacking absences during the month of January. Monchi, sports director from Nervion, does not hide it: “We are going to do something at the winter market. The absences of Youssef and Munir in the African Cup are there and we already had it planned “declared the man from Cádiz to PTV Sevilla.

There will be, yes, to square numbers. “Sevilla is always active in the markets, pending improvement, on the basis of logic. The club presented a loss of 41 million at the last meeting. Of this a few weeks ago. We will act in the market based on two criteria: improve if possible, but without forgetting the economic reality. The coach has the right to ask, but we must find a balance between needs and realities. We will be ambitious to the best of our ability “, Monchi stated.

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With the need to win the two remaining league games, the Sevilla sports director acknowledged that staying out of the Champions League “it would be a very hard stick, important. We would have to assume it and acknowledge it. In sports and economics. The loss of income would be significant. “

Finally, he was cautious about his team’s league aspirations: “LaLiga right now is a fight that must be undertaken and carried by those who must carry it. We must focus on the fight for the Champions League. If it happens like last year, we’ll see. We cannot lose the north. We do not lack ambition, but the objective is to settle in the Champions League. There is a fine line between ambition and frustration. We cannot detract from what we are doing. Always with your feet on the ground because if not the fall is more painful “.