Óscar Díaz, winner of ‘Pasapalabra’: “The Treasury’s bite on my prize doesn’t hurt me, I think it’s fair”

The man of the day is Oscar Diaz. has been pocketed one of the tallest boats in Pass word after completing a Rosco of 25 definitions that has given him 1,816,000 euros, an amount that will have to be removed from the bite that the Treasury will take. “It doesn’t hurt me,” he says in conversation with Informalia. “It would seem unfair to me if I paid less than someone who earned the same amount through work,” explains this 52-year-old from Madrid, who beat Moisés in a head-to-head match that they have fought since September. Studious and methodical, Óscar has dedicated a lot of “time and effort” to getting a prize that has finally fallen to his side. “I had to take advantage of it even if it was at the cost of becoming a bit stupid”.

Have you made new friends since they found out that you have taken 1,816,000 euros?

I have to review the messages, because since yesterday’s broadcast there hasn’t been much room. But I do have identified my real friends, so I don’t know if the new ones are going to achieve much.

How long does it take from when the program is recorded until it is broadcast? How did you keep it a secret that you were the winner?

About three weeks pass. The small circle that did know – I spoke with my mother and my wife – we have been very strict with leaks. I have been calm but with a silly smile from time to time. You also feel guilty because there are people close to you who you think should know but you can’t tell them. I have had to be very strict. As soon as Antena 3 announced that there was a boat, I did have to take the cape out for a walk.

You have said that you are going to use the money to pay the mortgage on the apartment. But are you going to make any other investments?

The truth is no, but there are people who know more than me who can surely advise me. First is to have the money in hand and do some accounts, reserve a part to have a family mattress, for our mother, our nephews… When the time comes, I will speak with an advisor to tell me how to take advantage of part of this money.

Are you going to continue working?

This year, for now, I am going to continue as I was and I am going to fulfill the commitments I had made. I am a golf tournament press officer and I am going to continue.

Regarding the important bite that the Treasury takes, does it seem fair to you?

Yes it seems fair to me. It would seem unfair to me if I paid less than someone who earned the same amount with their effort, payroll or work. It would be an insult to them. It is true that this is also the result of effort, although it is not work, but it doesn’t hurt me.

How has Moses handled losing the boat?

He was worried about how his parents would take it, but we all know that in Pass word nothing is guaranteed. Moisés demonstrated in yesterday’s program and also in The Anthill an impeccable attitude. One of my first thoughts was him, a colleague who has not managed to get the prize after such exhaustive preparation. His attitude has been impeccable and he is worthy of praise.

Did you have the feeling that the audience was divided between the two of you?

We are very football fans for better or worse. It is normal for people to choose and have their sympathies, even for people to prefer the one who has been there longer, like Moisés, because at the end of the day I was the intruder. And Moisés is a great guy, so it is very easy to empathize with him.

Did you become very obsessed with studying to solve Rosco?

Yes, I have dedicated a lot of time to it, but I don’t see it as a goal-oriented obsession. Pasapalabra was useful to me because I took it as a routine when I left a job and found myself strange after 32 years of working non-stop. I felt guilty and started watching Roscos to entertain myself and get my head thinking about other things. At the time I had no goal, just to stay busy while I got my life back.

Afterwards, I have dedicated a lot of time and effort to the program. When you’re in, you have to give it your all, because once you’re competing you can’t stay halfway. This was an opportunity that never comes around again. I had to take advantage of it even if it was at the cost of becoming a bit stupid.