Dulce, Pantoja’s former nanny, crosses the red lines of exclusives and warns (for money) of her suicide: “I’m abandoning myself”

The good news, within the nonsense that is selling the desire to take one’s life to share the tragedy in exchange for a few coins, is that the cache delivered by the publication that has marketed this drama will serve as a relief to this poor and desperate woman. Furthermore, given the impact (many media outlets have collected her interview in Readings in one way or another), it is more than likely that this public appearance by Pantoja’s former nanny will serve as the starting signal for a string of performances and participations on television, whether to cover up her regrets in front of spaces like DeViernes or to end his bones in a reality show for a few more coins, as he did years ago.

Dulce Delapiedra should not be a person of interest as a famous person, beyond the human drama that we would feel for any anonymous person. Her motivation to obtain a celebrity license and be in the spotlight for money and not in free events is that she worked for Isabel Pantoja and took care of her adopted daughter.

In her interview, necessarily heartbreaking to earn what she is paid, she reveals that she is ruined, on the verge of not being able to pay the rent and being left on the street. The most distressing thing is that she says that no one around her knows. And then to provide the extra value of the cache she confesses that she has tried to commit suicide, that she does not have the strength to live, so she asks for help.

Even so, the interviewer, politely, asks him how he is. “On the last”, answers the bitter Dulce. “Look how I feel, today I would like to go with my mother,” she manages to answer through tears. Of course, her mother has been in Heaven since the interviewee was a child.

In case you were not clear about the state of mind that corrodes one of the stars of the week of cuore, we find a new question that delves into his lack of motivation to move forward: “Don’t you have the will to live?“, they tell her. And Dulce doesn’t change her mind: “No. None”, he answers bluntly. It is not for less. He has had chronic depression since 2005, since he lived in Marbella with Isabel Pantoja, and he is undergoing treatment. And then there is his financial situation: “I have been receiving a subsidy for unemployed people over 52 years of age for a year, it is 480 euros. “I’m handling it very badly, I can’t even afford to pay the 730 euros in rent, I live 30 meters away,” she laments. “I’m on my last legs. “Desperate,” the poor woman insists just before being asked if she considers herself a saver. “I’m a pushover for others.

“How do you survive?” they ask the former Survivor contestant. And we find out that someone helps him but it is not Isa Pantoja. “I’ve had a very bad streak, what I had has been taken away by the Treasury. My accountant deceived me in such a way that it became a very large debt. He had a debt that has grown due to late payment interest and penalties. Now I’m at the limit, I’m ashamed, I don’t even have enough to fix my mouth or fix the car to go see my daughter. I’m tired of crying. I am very sorry for everything I have done, I have given all my love and affection and I have received nothing,” she says.

Paradoxically, in another moment of the exclusive and after repeating for the umpteenth time that she prefers to fall asleep and not wake up again, Dulce is worried about what remains of her life: “I’m afraid of the future, of old age,” she confesses. And the biggest thing: “My family doesn’t know what my situation is like. I don’t want to alarm them. They don’t know what I’ve experienced,” she reveals publicly.

Dulce, who according to her worked for 30 years with Isabel Pantoja, in Cantora, a farm she refers to as “Dracula’s castle”, since she was 19, remembers that the singer paid her 180 euros (30,000 pesetas) a month and that he spent it “on them.” We don’t even want to think what Paquirrín was capable of doing with 180 euros.

His state of health, apart from chronic depression and the fact that he does not have the money to fix his mouth, is a decalogue of browns: he has cervical, dorsal and lumbar disc herniations, broken ribs and fibromyalgia. And he says he takes “many” pills a day. “The rheumatologist told me that there is no cure for this. I am used to the pain. I have paresthesia, my legs become corky from the hips to the knees, they give me whiplashes, like electric shocks all over my body. I am afraid that I won’t be able to help myself.” By myself, I can’t even put on shoes. I have gained 20 kilos due to menopause, Since I have problems with my bones, I have to take medication to avoid having osteoporosis,” he says. And there is more:

“Psychologically I’m very bad, physically too. I fell in the bathtub a year and a half ago, I broke my ribs and I thought I was staying where I was,” he adds. At least the depression is being treated: “They see me every eight months. It took a year and a half for the psychiatrist to see me, there is a long waiting list. They don’t have time to treat you, when they saw me they were with me for 10 minutes,” he explains.

Then he says that he took pills to stop living: “I wanted to sleep and not wake up, that’s the way I want to go. I can’t get out of bed when I wake up“, he confesses. “They should change your medication,” the interviewer recommends shortly before asking him this: “Are you taking care of yourself or are you in a spiral of self-destruction?” The answer is immediate: “I’m abandoning myself.”