Newey, on his future: “I’m a little tired now, but at some point I’ll probably come back”


Red Bull engineer Adrian Newey does not hide that after resting he may consider returning to Formula 1 and confessed that he never thought that the announcement of his departure from the Austrian team in 2024 would become “big news”

“I’ve wanted to work in motorsport, as a designer, since I was eight or ten years old, and I’ve been lucky enough to fulfill that ambition, to have gotten that first job, and to be in motorsport ever since. At some point I guess “I’m going to take a vacation and, as Forrest Gump said at the end of his long career, ‘I’m a little tired now, but at some point I’ll probably get back to racing,'” Newey said in an interview with former pilot Eddie Jordan for ‘Oyster Yachts’. published this Thursday on the World Cup website.

Newey made headlines in the run-up to the Miami Grand Prix when it was announced that he will leave Red Bull in early 2025, having spent almost two decades with the team and largely contributed to 13 world titles. Although retirement is an option, the famed 65-year-old engineer was immediately linked to a host of rival teams given his immense pedigree in the sport, which also includes championships with Williams and McLaren.

In this sense, regarding his future, he acknowledged that “it is a popular question at this time.” “If you had asked me 15 years ago if at 65 I would consider changing teams and going somewhere else for another four, five years or whatever, I would have told you that you are completely crazy,” he admitted.

“I never thought it would be big news (his departure from Red Bull), to be honest, I never thought about it. That it was in all the newspapers, on TV and so on was almost like a shock,” explained Red’s technical director. Bull.

Finally, regarding his role in the Miami GP, in which he played a role in the strategy part rather than on the technical level, Newey confessed that he found it “strange” because he was “not involved in any of the engineering decisions.” “. “They were just driving me around for the press, basically,” he added.