Ferland Mendy, Real Madrid's French defender, warned of the danger from Atalanta, Madrid's rival in the knockout stages of the Champions League, and praised his game and the punch he exhibits in his matches. “We have to be careful. They haven't come here for no reason. We know that it is a team that plays well and scores many goals. It will be difficult and we think it will be a very good match. We will have to play the best we can to win, “he assured in an interview with UEFA.

Mendy praised his coach, Frenchman Zinedine Zidane, for whom he admires. “He's a legend and to be honest, it is an honor to be trained by him. When you stand in front of him he gives off charisma. It's good to see him and we've also talked about the French team. He has given me advice and I like to give my all in every game. “

The French defender recalled his arrival at Real Madrid and an opportunity that he could not miss. “When I arrived I knew what it would be like and that there were great players. At first you are shy and then you start to meet people and learn how the group works. Now I am playing more, but I only think about taking advantage of the games they give me. I would not say that I am indisputable. It is also crazy and a milestone go from almost leaving football to playing for Real Madrid“.

And he ended up remembering hard moments that marked him in his youth. “It's a great story. I went through a difficult time, but I came out well. I spent seven years at PSG, started with the U-11 and got injured before entering the academy. I had arthritis in my hip and I had an infection, so I had to have surgery and I was in the hospital for a long time. There I was in a cast for two or three months. When they operated on me, the doctor came to see me and told me that football was over for me. He even talked about an amputation. I had to be in one Wheelchair quite a long time, later on crutches and then I had to learn to walk again. “

Real Madrid Shield / Flag

Mendy acknowledged that despite the difficult situation, he never thought about not playing soccer again. “They took me from one place to another, but I thought I could walk again immediately. I tried, got off the chair and fell right away. I had no energy left in my legs because I hadn't walked and my legs hadn't moved in a long time. “” Despite this, I always thought football was not over for me and I told everyone that I was going to come back. Most people thought it was impossible, but I learned to walk again and played with pain in my hip for about a year and a half. I was named the best left back two years in a row. So honestly I have done well. “


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