Manolo Lama, after the death of his colleague Pepe Domingo Castaño: “A radio genius has left”

The unexpected death of Pepe Domingo Castaño, radio legend and reference in sports journalism, has caused a stir not only among his colleagues. There are many who, as soon as they learned of the death of the communicator three weeks after turning 80, wanted to pay tribute to him and say goodbye to him.

In the early hours of this Sunday, September 17, the great journalist died, as his COPE program, Tiempo de Juego, announced on social networks. “The day we never wanted to come has arrived. This morning Pepe Domingo Castaño died at the age of 80. We don’t know what to say because Pepe was everything to us. The radio will never sound the same again without you. This family will never It will beat the same again without you,” the note reads.

Manolo Lama, his companion for so many years, has expressed his regret: “A radio genius is gone, the master of communication is gone, the father of COPE’s editorial team is gone. RIP Pepe Domingo Castaño.”

Football clubs and social networks focused on the sports field have also published their respect and admiration for the journalist. Former soccer player Quique Ramos highlights how important the communicator was in the radio history of our country: “I join in the pain for the disappearance of a voice that has marked my Sunday afternoons for many years. See you always Pepe Domingo Castaño. RIP” .

“Without a doubt the best public broadcaster on Spanish radio, Pepe Domingo Castaño was the kind of old-school announcer who did not fit the mold that PRISA wanted when it took over SER in 1985. But he held on until he realized that he was usable and in what way!”, he has also shared José Ignacio Wert on their social networks after hearing the news.

“We don’t know what to say because Pepe, for us, was everything. The radio will never sound the same again without you. This family will never beat the same again without you, but, for you, we will continue. We still don’t know how we’re doing to do, but we will continue to fill the void that you leave us with life and radio. We love you, Pepe, we love you and we will always love you as you have taught us, with joy and united. PEPE DOMINGO CASTAÑO SOLAR, the LEGEND of RADIO”, reads the note from his Cope colleagues.

Castaño had long ago limited his working hours but until this Saturday his advertising spots were heard during the program ‘Tiempo de Juego’, a radio space that is already preparing a tribute to his partner, whose voice will be eternally in the memory of his many listeners.

Manolo Lama, the narrator of Tiempo de Juego, spoke of the great vitality that Pepe had: “He is not gone, the best thing that leaves us with the feeling of knowing how to live. It allows us to learn that we are just passing through, that we have to try to be good people and take advantage of God’s gift of living. We are touched, screwed, hurt but we have him there; We can’t say goodbye to him, I will always say ‘Hello, Hello’ because he will be closer to us than ever. Pepe, the best thing he had, was that he knew how to soak up the time in which he lived; He mixed with the youngest members of the editorial staff, he soaked up the new language, he smelled where the youth was going. It was vital, it has left us but as he would have liked, quickly and without causing a fight. Until three days ago he had life, enthusiasm, desire… and it is the best legacy he could have left to the entire sports editorial team.”

The first time Lama and Pepe Domingo met

Lama remembered when it was the first time he met Pepe Domingo: “I was 18 years old when I met him and he was a star on SER, but he had no relationship with sports. Iñaki, Joaquin and Pepe did the program together, and where Pepe revolutionized , not advertising, he revolutionized radio. He knew how to combine information with advertising. For him, advertising was another content of the radio.”

Juanma Castaño: “He was our spiritual leader”

Juanma Castaño also wanted to tell how happy Pepe Domingo Castaño was: “It has been a very hard night, it is absolutely unexpected news. He left very quickly, without disturbing anyone and when he was happy with life; with a vital moment that “He loved it, with more hours for his family and friends, organizing lunches, dinners and trips; a proud and happy grandfather, a father closer to his children than ever and a husband with Tere so complicit.”

The director of El Partidazo de COPE highlighted the importance that Pepe had for the entire sports editorial team, for his way of working and for how he enjoyed life: “It is a sad day, a very difficult moment for the entire radio station. It was ours. spiritual leader without a doubt, but we can be very calm because he has lived life a lot and very well and has taught the rest of us how to live it. When I sit down with friends for dinner I will think that he is there. In addition to working, he taught us to live life. life of and our friends and family.