The Classic leaves Real Madrid in the pole position by LaLiga and in a circuit with less curves than Barcelona. Overcome the confrontation between the eternal rivals and with less than a third of the championship ahead, the Zidane outdo at a point to the azulgranas (in addition to goal average) and have a more favorable schedule ahead in the race for the championship.

Emblem / Flag Real Madrid

LaLiga Santander

* Data updated as of March 2, 2020

Those of Setién still have a duel against Atlético (33rd round, April 26 at the Camp Nou) and a visit to Sevilla at Sánchez Pizjuán (30th day, April 5). Pitfalls both that have already surpassed whites. These two days Madrid players will also have their two most complicated a priori commitments: before Getafe at the Bernabéu and the exit to Anoeta to face the Royal Society, respectively. Of the txuri-urdin It is the only confrontation that Madrid has left at home before the first seven of the League, although they will also have to visit another complicated place like San Mamés.

Athletic Y Real society they are two of the seven sets that still have to face the two contestants for the League title. The others are Mallorca, Leganés, Villarreal, Alavés and Espanyol. The Levante is the only team that will not be judge of the championship.

Coat of arms / Flag Barcelona

LaLiga Santander

* Data updated as of March 2, 2020

Both teams have six games left at home and as many as visitors. For him Bernabeu Eibar, Valencia, Mallorca, Getafe, Alavés and Villarreal will pass, while Real Madrid will visit Betis, Real Sociedad, Espanyol, Athletic, Granada and Leganés. To the Camp Nou Real Sociedad, Leganés, Athletic, Atlético, Espanyol and Osasuna will go, while Barcelona will visit the fields of Mallorca, Sevilla, Celta, Villarreal, Valladolid and Alavés.

The calendar they have left in Real Madrid and Barcelona League

Jor. Date Real Madrid Barcelona
27 7/8-Mar. Betis Real Soc.
28 Mar 13-14 Eibar Majorca
29 Mar 21-22 Valencia Leganés
30 Apr 5 Real Soc. Seville
31 Apr 12 Majorca Athletic
32 Apr 22 Spanish Celtic
33 Apr 26 Getafe Athletic
3. 4 May 3 Athletic Villarreal
35 May 10 Alaves Spanish
36 May 13 Pomegranate Valladolid
37 May 17 Villarreal Osasuna
38 May 24 Leganés Alaves

Bold, matches at the Bernabéu or Camp Nou, as appropriate.

On italic, weekdays.

The champion will be decided in a month

The calendar will be an accordion in the remainder of the League. It is stretched now: the next six days will be played in a month and a half: from March 7 to Wednesday April 22. There will be two stops: the last weekend of March for the last FIFA date of the season and that of the 18 and 19 April for the dispute of the end of the Copa del Rey. It will contract at the end. The last six dates, however, will be condensed in a month: from April 26 to May 24. The final traffic will thunder in ten days, as the last day will be held during the week: May 13.

In the last ten days (that is, in all that remain except the next two) white and Barca will match playing in their stadium or outside. Both will say goodbye to the home championship: Leganés-Real Madrid and Alavés-Barcelona.