There is no greater predator than him in the world of soccer. The numbers continue to prove him right and it is on the way to being something historic. At 21 years old, Haaland has already this season that he has just started nine goals in seven games. And the statistics since he arrived in elite football at the hands of Borussia Dortmund is, simply, dazzling: 66 goals in 66 games, fulfilling the average of one goal per game for the best Cristiano in Madrid.

A tough battle looms to take over the forward who is set to dominate the next decade in Europe. He is, after Mbappé (160 million), the player with the highest market value at the moment: 130 million for Transfermarkt. And nobody misses that It is the priority objective of Real Madrid after he signs Mbappé and that he is the one that is best positioned to take over his services, although Lewandowski will also be on the market.

The statements of the top soccer leaders go in that sense. The last to signify have been two heavyweights. On the one hand Thebes, President of LaLiga, who was blunt: “They have sold for 200 million euros in players. They have money in the box to sign Mbappé and Haaland together. You have not lost money. On top of that, it has sold assets. What is not understandable that someone who loses 400 million, has 500 in salary mass and on top of it can reject offers like Mbappé's. It is failing in the control rules of France, they have opened to hurt the European market. The UEFA system is wrong, “said Tebas, giving a step to the modus operandi of the club-state.

After Thebes, it was Rummenigge, senior manager of Bayern, who spoke of the certainty that Real Madrid will sign Haaland: “Lewandowski is the best center forward in the world, Haaland the second. I think Bayern must be interested in Robert staying beyond the end of his contract in 2023. Signing Haaland is a huge investment. I don't think he's going to Liverpool. I know the owner very well and it is not that he is exactly known for opening the box so much. As for Haaland, he would not rule out Real Madrid. Maybe they will open the box a little more in summer and possibly get hold of Haaland and Kylian Mbappé. “Nobody better than Rummenigge or Tebas to know how the market is moving …

Real Madrid Shield / Flag

Madrid warns Europe, therefore, about the situation of Haaland for this summer. The player will leave Borussia safe. There is a pact between his agent, Raiola, and Borussia himself, to facilitate his departure in 2022. But, according to the information available to AS, there is no price fixed in advance for its sale. There will be a stiff bidding for the fashion forward.

If Mbappé signs for Real Madrid in January, as it seems clear that he will happen, PSG will become the main opponent of the white entity to sign the Norwegian. But to this day Florentino is still the best positioned to take the cat into the water. In the first place, he has the will of the player on his side, which is to wear the white team shirt and play at the remodeled Bernabéu. Secondly, he has an excellent relationship with Hans-Joquim Watzke, Borusser CEO. There is only uncertainty about what Mino Raiola will think, who has a great influence on the future of his players, and Haaland is no exception.

At this moment Raiola is closely linked to PSG, in which he has two heavyweights playing, Donnarumma, whom he has taken there at zero cost, and Verratti. More than the economic issue, sources close to Haaland himself tell AS that sports will weigh on the player's will. PSG will offer him a trident together with Neymar and Messi (which has a short-term expiration date since they are 29 and 34 years old respectively). The trident that Madrid offers him when Benzema gives way has a better future. The Norwegian (21) would form with Vinicius (21) and Mbappé (22). A lead for a decade.