The Barça captains are in the middle of the fire and in a somewhat tricky situation. As after every major European defeat in recent years, they have been singled out. Especially Sergi Roberto, but also Sergio Busquets (replaced by Koeman at game time), Jordi Alba or Gerard Piqué.

The Barça captains, in some cases legends of the club (especially Piqué and Busquets), are thanked, from the club staff to the regular member, for the commitment and even the effort of this summer, in which they have adapted their salaries to the economic reality of the club. Also, their ascendancy in the dressing room to try to balance a young dressing room in which they have to exercise leadership at this beginning of the post-Messi cycle. Piqué's good relationship with Laporta, for example, makes it easier for there to be at least some link with Ronald Koeman and that, together, they try to make this tough transition more bearable.

But the weight of these players off the field and their role as stabilizers for Koeman and Laporta collides with their performance on grass. Piqué has given very bad signals at the beginning of the season. He has started with physical problems, as he already finished last season. And, on the field, he puts the team too far back to protect himself. Nothing to do with that player who led the line so high and who discussed careers, some very remembered, to Cristiano himself. Piqué is now a player with a draw but who plays too close to Ter Stegen. That weighs on the team. Busquets played a brilliant Eurocup. Even filming in the new course, or as a result of fatigue, it has not started well either. Neither with Barça nor with the National Team, with which he suffered in the matches against Sweden or Kosovo. Jordi Alba is also haunted by injuries and Sergi Roberto already seems like a hopeless case. The fans have taken him as a scapegoat and his remaining days at Barça seem difficult.

For the moment, the situation may not vary much. Despite Koeman's threats with Eric, Balde, Nico or Gavi, Piqué, Busquets and Alba seem indisputable when they are healthy. But as much as the fans respect them for their trip to the club all these years, the debate on whether or not they should continue playing, more every time there is a demanding game, is latent. And it doesn't seem like it's going to stop.