Luis García: “You will not see Budimir in the call, he will not be cited”

A week ago, striker Ante Budimir was hardly seen in the minutes he was on the pitch, he has not participated in any pre-season friendly and left with his team without making his debut, and all this coupled with the fact that Valladolid intends his signing and that the player wants to leave, has made the coach of Mallorca, Luis García Plaza has decided not to count on him for the trip to Barcelona to play against Espanyol. Luis García has been conclusive: “You will not see Budimir in the call, he will not be cited”

On this matter, the technician argues that “we are in a situation where we have three weeks left for the market to close and He is not comfortable, it is an uncomfortable situation for everyone, for me the first, for the club the second and I right now what I need is to have people who are one hundred percent and he is not, and I cannot explain more, they would have to explain it, the player is not mentalized “.

Once this matter was settled, the vermilion coach faced other issues such as the arrival of two new players to his squad, Murilo and Mboula: “It was not easy at all, the idea was for one to come and if we could get Salibur out, as it has been, then bring two and everything settled down after a long time. “

Regarding both, Luis García adds that he is happy with their incorporation and that “they are two players who can give us speed and overflow”, although he clarifies that it is early to be able to count on them this Sunday: “I don't think they will be available, they cannot come and play, but in addition to the paperwork they are on the subject of the PCR, and I think that if they can arrive they would be on the bench and could have a few minutes. “

In addition, there is still a lack of reinforcement on the left side, as the Madrid native has already recalled: “the issue of the left side, we'll see how it develops, if we can bring someone, hopefully it will be to improveIf not, we could start with Oliván and Iván Bravo, but the idea is to bring someone else. “

On Espanyol, the Majorcan coach has been very forceful when it comes to qualifying the Catalan club: “I think it is the only second division team, regardless of whether the coach is Vicente Moreno or Jürgen Klopp, who has to go up yes or yes, and highlighting, it is like this and it is the reality of football, it is what all the coaches think, about this team at the budget level, compared to the others, I think it has never been seen in this categoryI don't know if when Atlético de Madrid came down, which then there was no budget control, there was that difference with the others. “

Sportingly, Luis García adds that “We have to play our game, we can win but in order to win we have to play at a very high level“.