From Third to Europe: Step by step, Granada makes history

Granada is increasing its charisma in its almost 90 years of history. Twenty-ninth Spanish team that debuts in continental competition, in this case the Europa League. And he could not do it in a better way. Victory by 0-4 in the field of Testla of Albania and promotion for the second round of this preliminary phase where the surprising Lokomotiva of Tblisi awaits, who has eliminated the historic Dinamo Moscow. The game will be played next Thursday (8:00 p.m.) in Los Cármenes and The winner will face the winner of Malmoe (Sweden) -Lokomotiva Zagreb (Croatia) on October 1, in this case in the opposite field. At least in this draw, the Granada team has eluded one of the coconuts that could have fallen, the German Wolfsburg.

Granada Coat of Arms / Flag

This feat of Granada leaves an interesting statistical data for history. He is one of the Spanish debutants who has scored the most goals away from home in a game, although this mark is far from 0-10 from Rayo Vallecano to Costantin Esport de Andorra in 2000. That day the franjirrojos made their debut in the then UEFA Cup and reached the quarterfinals.

But this feat of Granada has a lot of value. We are left with these words from coach Diego Martínez. “We made our debut in Europe after 90 years of history. 15 years ago we were in Third and for us it is a tremendous illusion to be here “.

The 'little step by little' philosophy promoted by Antonio Fernández Monterrubio, the club's general manager, is bearing fruit. The leap of the sports project, the consolidation of a solid sports project with retention of talent and gradual growth in all areas. Granada does not want to be a selling club by system but a generator. Young people and veteran footballers with claw and hunger like Roberto Soldado, who is already in the annals for being the first scorer from Granada in European competition. “Debuting in Europe is very difficult and doing it winning 0-4, more. That Los Cármenes is dressed for Europe is something historical ”.

Just three decades ago, Granada was in the Third Division and it was its fans who did not allow it to disappear despite parallel projects such as Granada Atlético or the fleeting Granada 74 that did not have popular support. Old Granada resisted and slowly regained its place among the best. The League has started well (2-0 against Athletic) and its meticulous and demanding coach has his people aware that it is possible to play three competitions with satisfactory results. There is Granada for a while.

For the rest, Granada has confirmed that its alternative stadium, if the situation requires it, will be Butarque, that of Leganés.