Arantxa del Sol is “repentant” for hitting Ángel Cristo but insists: “I was under duress”

It has been of little or no use that Mediaset expelled the woman from Finite of Córdoba from his program after publicly admitting that he hit “a slap in the face” Angel Christ during a discussion in Honduras. The criticism continues to pour in through social networks and the former presenter has broken her silence this Friday with a statement to apologize: “After reflecting deeply, being able to rest and be with my family again, I recognize and regret my actions. Although they responded to pressure, coercion and nerves, it does not justify my actions. Never.”

The former presenter has had difficult days due to the controversy that arose not only from her bad relationship with Bárbara Rey’s son but also from the reasons that led to it: a youthful affair between her husband and the current wife of Angel Christ, Ana Herminia, which Informalia revealed for the first time. “I am a strong woman, full of joy and vitality, but recognizing when it is the moment in which you lack strength is also important. Now is the time to be with my loved ones, receive their love and take care of myself,” she said. continued.

Finally, Arantxa also appreciates the support received during and after her contest: “Your words of support have been and continue to be a balm for the soul at this time, especially this week that has been turbulent for me and environment. Thank you all for your unconditional support day after day.

Discussion on the boat

That of Arantxa del Sol and Ángel Cristo was one of the first friendships that were forged on the island and also one of the first to be broken. The reason? A mysterious fight that the Basque woman did not want to talk about until she arrived in Spain, expelled by the audience: “What happened on the boat is that I insulted him, I said the same adjectives that he had used, like ‘crab’, ‘parasite’, and I said strong things to him, honestly, after receiving all the information. At one point, I slapped him and said, ‘That’s enough!”

After the public confession, Mediaset (which obviously knew about what happened and had hidden it) took action on the matter and announced the expulsion of Del Sol from the Survivors galas and the rest of the network’s sets.