Laura Scanes is sharing each of his steps on his incredible vacation in the Maldives with Alvaro de Luna. The 26-year-old influencer and the 29-year-old singer have given free rein to a love that began shortly after Laura announced her separation from Risto Mejide By the end of September.

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This Saturday, they enjoyed a romantic date on one of the most spectacular beaches in the tropical country. This is how we have been able to see it in the photographs that Escanes has published on Instagram.

As she herself recounted, this trip cost her around 1,400 dollars (about 1,300 euros) for seven days. However, to this we must add the cost of each flight, which, according to her, is around 600 euros, and dinners, since the complete pack includes all activities, but does not include dinners. However, in her opinion there are many restaurant options on the island and their cost “is cheap.”

The mother of Roma She is full of this new stage of her life. “You are a little mermaid,” the composer writes in the comments on his photos. Together they also traveled to Mexico a few months ago on the occasion of the musician’s tour.