Miguel Bosé will work in Spain to follow Nacho Palau’s illness more closely

One of the reasons that have motivated the professional return of Miguel Bose to Spain is to follow more closely the process of his ex’s illness Nacho Palau. A source close to the singer reveals that he “is very concerned about Nacho’s state of health.”

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They explain to us that when they offered to be TVE musical contest jury, Cover Night, he discussed it with his two children, and they encouraged him to return to Spanish lands, “showing that with that they would be much closer to their two brothers.” The four kids are in constant communication through social networks and the telephone, and they spent Christmas in Valencia at Palau’s house.

The contest in question will try to find the best singers specialized in covering great musical hits. The presenter of the program will be Ruth Lorenzo. Since he found out that Nacho was suffering from lung cancer, Miguel put aside old quarrels and had no qualms about contacting the man with whom he shared feelings for more than twenty-five years. Even residing in Mexico, has been up to date with everything that happened with Palauthanks to mutual friends who keep him informed of the situation.