MSC Torreblanca Melilla and Pescados Rubén Burela will face each other on Sunday in the final of the women’s futsal Spanish Super Cup, after beating STV Roldán and Atlético Navalcarnero respectively on Saturday in the matches corresponding to the semifinal round.

At the Vista Alegre de Burela Pavilion, the qualifiers began with the victory (5-3) of the locals. The Galicians took the duel between the two ‘greats’ of Spain, forcing the first defeat this season in the national competition of Atlético Navalcarnero, which counts all games for victories in the League.

Although the break was reached with the maximum equality on the track and the tie on the scoreboard, the superiority of Pescados Rubén Burela was noted in the second half with an exhibition of offensive play that allowed them to get 4-1 in favor.

Thus, Atlético Navalcarnero had no other option than to go with everything, with the game of five, but their strategy was not enough. He conceded the fifth in a steal of the ball and although he later closed the gap with two goals, he never disturbed the victory of Burela’s team.

For its part, MSC Torreblanca Melilla, which will once again play a final against the Galicians, as it already happened in 2021 in the Copa de la Reina, won a match with alternatives that was not decided until the last minutes.

Despite starting behind on the scoreboard, the Melilla team knew how to recover in the second half to turn the game around. STV Roldán did not lower his arms and took a step forward and although he managed to equalize, the blow came again with two consecutive goals (4-2).

The only good news for the Murcians was the expulsion of Bia, from which, however, they did not take advantage. With the inferiority, Torreblanca managed to widen the distance, to which Roldán responded only 12 seconds later (5-3). But the joy was short-lived and again the Melillans put land in the middle with the 6-3 that left the clash sentenced.