Kroos: “Sergio Ramos is the best captain you can have”

The German midfielder from Real
Madrid, Toni
Kroos, shared on the network a new edition of his podcast ‘Einfach Mal Luppen’ in which this time he valued the figure of Sergio

The Teuton, very reserved for this type of comments, pointed out that he has learned a lot from the camero and that, in turn, the '4' of him in a changing room with a very good atmosphere: “When Bouquets has an opinion, expresses it for the good of the team, without reservation. And that was unlike anything I'd ever seen before. Therefore, if we talk about captains, in my opinion, it is the best you can have ”, he said.

“I am more than happy to have Sergio as my captain. I have learned a lot from him and him, a lot from me too, everything must be said. He is someone who responds extremely well to everything and whose voice everyone in the club hears. Sergio leads by example ”, sentenced the German.

Praise also for Zidane

In the same way, Kroos he also had time to praise the figure of Zinedine
Zidane and his work as a coach and group manager. “He was a great player and applies this knowledge in an excellent way. And he's also incredibly good at managing this group of stars. He knows all the players and has everything that surrounds Real Madrid under control, “he said. Toni