The chatter of Save me It was released this Tuesday as the image of Melilla at the closing gala of the city’s Week for the Elderly, one of its most important festivals. It took place in the Plaza de Toros and numerous media outlets have traveled there, although not all have been able to enter: the paparazzo Diego Arrabal has denounced that so much Kiko Hernandez as Fatima Kaddurthe vice-counselor, they have vetoed him.

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The reporter, who had left the premises to rest for a few minutes, has not been able to re-enter and the security guard’s explanation was blunt: “You are prohibited from entering because of the way in which you have addressed the vice-counselor, by order his and the artist, Kiko Hernández”, he said, as reflected in the video shared by Arrabal himself, who was willing to ask the most uncomfortable question of the night: how much has Kiko charged for this intervention? Finally, the photographer has ended up at the police station to file a complaint.

The networks have echoed what happened and many tweeters have lashed out angrily at Kiko Hernández and her ‘friend’, Fátima Kaddur, whom she invited a couple of weeks ago to Save me to promote the event, paid for with the taxes of all contributors.

Kiko Hernández’s show in Melilla was a mystery until tonight, when some attendees shared a few minutes of the performance. A variety show with music and monologues in which star Sandra Brunam, among other artists, has participated.