He is over 60 years old and appears at a time when a decade has passed since the death of sarah montiel (Campo de Criptana, Ciudad Real, March 10, 1928-Madrid, April 8, 2013). Her name is María, she lives in the Aztec town of Guadalajara and claims to be the daughter of the actress from La Mancha and the popular Mexican artist Pedro Infante.

He does not provide coherent evidence and only ensures that his alleged father gave him a gold bracelet from Saritísima. She even wants to make believe that she looks a lot like the one she calls “my mother”, when there is not the slightest physical resemblance between them.

In Mexico no one is aware that the iconic actor and the protagonist of The Violetera they were lovers, for a simple reason: when they met he was happily married, and very much in love, with what was his second wife, Irma Dorantes. Infante died in April 1957 in a plane crash, an old World War II bomber that he piloted. He left seven children orphans, born from various sentimental relationships.

Sara couldn’t stand the smell of her lover and he couldn’t handle the Spanish woman’s halitosis

It is known that he was a friend of Sara’s and that they made three films together, all in 1952: I need money, Here comes Martin Corona y The lover. Although some sources affirm that there was a good relationship between the two, others say that Sara could not stand Pedro’s smell, while he said that the woman from La Mancha had bad breath.

Despite everything, rumor has it that they lived a short idyll and that a girl could have been born from that union. Some media published that the baby was stillborn, while others stated that he came into the world and was given up for adoption. Also that neither Pedro nor Sara wanted to take care of the child and that the adoptive parents were Spaniards who went to live in Spain, specifically in Valencia. If this were true, it is clear that the actor did not want to admit infidelity to her lawful wife and that the actress did not want to stop her professional career by becoming her mother.

This María, according to the writer and biographer of Montiel, Israel Rolón, “does not have the slightest credibility and in Mexico they consider that she is sick in the head. There is also no record that Sara had a relationship with Infante.”

To further confuse the story, it is speculated that the artist had love affairs with Ramon Merchant, the murderer of Trotsky, imprisoned in Mexico, and with a Spaniard, a communist exile, residing in that same country, Juan Plaza. Years ago it was published that with one or the other, Sara was able to get pregnant. There is also no evidence to confirm this.

What is very clear, and the woman from La Mancha confessed in an interview, is that she lost several babies: “I suffered eleven abortions, I could not have children and that is why I decided to adopt,” she said while alive. She never acknowledged having had secret children, let alone a daughter she left abandoned in a hospital.