Sebastián Yatra, Aitana’s boyfriend, talks about their sexual relations in the last month: “I lost count”

Singers, young, rich, famous… Sebastian Yatra (28) y Aitana Ocana (23) form one of the couples most loved by teenagers in our country and every step they take becomes news. This Monday, the Colombian singer was in The resistance and answered the classic questions of david broncano.

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On how many sexual relations he has had in the last 30 days, Yatra said: “I lost count.” Moments later, he deepened: “In the last month? Around twenty something.” The presenter added: “Very good information.”

Yatra and Aitana saw each other for the first time in 2017, on the set of Triumph operation. The Colombian went to the TVE program and even, in the middle of the performance, stood in front of the singer, who was competing at the time: “He likes me to look at her and say ‘I love you’ again.” Aitana looked at him entranced while she sang this verse to him. Who was going to tell them then that years later they would end up together.

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In these years, the two have gotten along well personally and professionally. They have worked together on The voice and they have also released several songs together: The doubts, lifeless heart y Cristina. Many followers even dreamed of a possible relationship between the two. Wish granted. Shortly after confirming the rupture of the interpreter of butterflies and the actor Miguel Bernardeau Last December, rumors of a possible courtship between Yatra and Aitana surfaced. As a result of the trips and the plans that they have shared together, the rumors have been confirmed. The paparazzi have also photographed them in an affectionate attitude, clearing up all doubts.

The fall of Yatra in La Resistencia

Another of the funniest moments of the program came when Broncano threw a ball at him. When trying to finish off the ball, the artist fell to the ground: “Do you know what happened? I anticipated it a lot, I had already imagined the glorious moment too much.”

Everything was left laughing: “The milk that sticks. Nothing like laughing at yourself. Great,” they wrote from the program’s Twitter account.