Joe Burrow
Joe Burrow

At this point, we are too far away to know whether Joe Burrow will be able to stand the ground against the Cincinnati Bengals Quarterback or not. But there is surely a hype among the fans and enthusiasts which will not slow down any sooner. Their discussion topic which is trending right now is what makes the comments of Ken Anderson so interesting.

Anderson Advises Joe Burrow To Join As Bengals Greats

Recently, Bengals legend Ken Anderson did reach out to Joe Burrow while informing about his thoughts. He also mentions that he is looking forward to Joe Burrow partnering with Boomer Esiason. It will be an amazing opportunity for Joe Burrow to be a part of the team as Bengals Greats.

Also, Ken Anderson mentions something more interesting when he makes an appearance on “After Hours” with Amy Lawrence. He says,

“I welcomed him to the Cincinnati quarterback community. We’ve had a little success here. I said ‘I took a team to the Super Bowl, Boomer (Esiason) took a team to the Super Bowl and that we’re looking forward to him winning a Super Bowl for us so we can all ride his coattails.”

“I really liked his accuracy. You saw him make NFL throws in every game, whether it’s moving and the high back-shoulder throws to a wide receiver and he had some great talent around him, but he put them in positions to make plays. I’m really excited he’s a part of the Bengals.”

It was surely great to receive high praise from such a popular and inspiring personality. Anderson also happens to have an epic Twitter game that is going on currently.

Joe Burrow was successful enough to make himself capable enough of impressing some greater names. We are talking about Ken Anderson and Boomer Esiason who get the attention of Burrown even before he joins the Bengals. Joe Burrow will be a great and helpful ally as everyone believes that he will do something special in Cincinnati Bengals.


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