Latre will compete with Pablo Motos and Broncano from Telecinco: two-year contract for Mediaset

Telecinco also joins the battle for prime time access with the signing of Carlos Latre. The comedian will compete, from the main Mediaset channel, to Pablo Motoswho is the leader of that strip, already David Broncanowhich starting in September will present a program after the Newscast.

In this way, Telecinco tries again in a slot that has historically resisted it, with disastrous audience data for all the programs that have tried to establish themselves in that stretch of the grid. The latest examples have been there you y Chinese storiesa fiasco that Jorge Javier presented for only ten nights at the beginning of the school year.

In this case, Mediaset has chosen Carlos Latre, as announced Bluperto relaunch that strip. The network and the comedian have reached an agreement to sign a two-year contract with the option of one moreas has been known Informalia. That is, if the chain is satisfied with the result, it can extend the agreement until it reaches three years. The program will be produced by Carlos Latre’s own production company.

In any case, Latre will not have an easy time competing against The Anthillwhich has been sweeping for 18 years on Antena 3. In addition, it will have to counteract the expectation that there is before the arrival of David Broncano on TVE and how it will adapt The resistance to the public chain.

Latre’s new program will be a new attempt by the comedian in his insistence to succeed as a presenter, because his latest experiences have not been good. One of ours (8% in La 1), Letters (3.8% in La 1) or Replica (13.3% on Telecinco) were broadcast with data that does not bode well for the future. It just worked Latrelevisión, back in 2004 (23.8%). His last job as a presenter was Boca-Zás! (1% at Disney).