Conde-Pumpido Jr., hospitalized for a psychotic break after getting into a fight at the Mediaset facilities

Candido Conde-Pumpido Varela (43), son of the president of the Constitutional Court, has been admitted to the Ramón y Cajal hospital in Madrid after suffering a psychotic break. The lawyer appeared in the early hours of this Monday in the vicinity of Mediaset and was involved in an altercation for which agents from the National and Municipal Police have been alerted. He has tested positive for drugs.

The altercation occurred around 5:45 a.m. this Monday, when Lara Dibildos’ ex showed up at the communication group’s facilities, located in the Fuencarral-El Pardo Conde-Pumpido district, demanding some images and mentioning data protection regulations. The lawyer was in an “apparent state of nervousness and intoxication” after arriving at the facilities driving his own car, according to reports. Europa press. Once there, he refused to obey the request of Mediaset’s private security that he leave the facilities. Later, together with the Municipal Police, the Samur-Civil Protection teams went to the scene.

Upon the arrival of local agents, a drug test was performed, testing positive for drug use, as indicated by the aforementioned sources. The Police have immobilized his vehicle at that time and the Samur troops have treated him, determining his transfer to the Ramón y Cajal Hospital to diagnose a “psychotic outbreak.”

On April 26, Conde-Pumpido Varela was released after testifying before a gender violence court in Madrid in which he had appeared as a detainee for a complaint of alleged threats made against him by a Brazilian woman who claimed to be his ex.

Conde-Pumpido Jr. was arrested on that occasion by the Civil Guard after a Brazilian woman reported days before that he had threatened her when they were both driving in a car on the A-6. Investigation sources indicated that she forced him to get out of the vehicle and, immediately afterwards, she reported it to the Villalba barracks.

It is worth remembering that in January of this year the Justice Department closed the proceedings opened against him for the alleged commission of a crime of sexual assault.. The Investigative Court Number 31 of Madrid investigated him following a complaint from a woman of Brazilian origin for events that supposedly occurred last November at the Conde-Pumpido Varela chalet in the San Blas district.

The head of that Court adopted that decision after the complainant went to the Plaza de Castilla courts and withdrew the complaint against Conde-Pumpido and two other men, waiving the corresponding civil and criminal actions.