Kate Middleton’s ‘tooth-toothed’ smile with the life jacket on the military base

Kate Middleton’s great moment with the life jacket. The Princess of Wales has visited the Yeovilton Naval Air Base, in the county of Somerset (England) and she has not been able to avoid that spontaneous smile of hers. She has even closed her eyes by clenching her teeth. The visit took place this Monday, September 18.

Professional, with a firm and determined step, the Princess of Wales has passed through the air base with an impeccable work look based on capri-cut pants, block-heeled Gianvito Rossi pumps worth 650 pounds (753 euros) and a blazer from black color with gold buttons from Holland Cooper, 550 pounds (637 euros).

Kate Middleton has toured the aircraft hangars and has also passed through the control tower from where air traffic is regulated. While she was trying on the life jacket for emergencies, Kate burst into laughter. Just a few weeks ago, her husband Guillermo was named Colonel Chief of the Army Air Corps.