Social networks are usually a very useful channel when you need citizen help. If a few days ago it was Bertin Osborne who took to Instagram to ask for collaboration in the search for his dog Thornow he has done it Julian Contreras.

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The son of carmina ordoñez He is not going through his best economic moment and, without any shame, he has asked his more than 50,000 followers to make donations to cover an expense that he cannot fully assume.

It’s about your cat Elliot. The animal is going through a delicate state of health and has to undergo surgery. A surgery that has a high cost and that has forced the brother of Cayetano y Fran Rivera to resort to the charity of whoever wants to help him. “Hello everyone, I hope you are well. I doubt there is anyone here who does not know who Elliot is, my cat that I love madly and is sick. I have a complicated process and complex surgery ahead of me,” he explains in a video.

“I have no problem not only telling you this, but also asking you for help. I have different ways for those who want to collaborate and help me in this regard. I will be enormously grateful. You can write to me and I will inform you with everything you want to know. Let you know that your support and your love is equally important”, he adds.

Julián has been away from television for some time and is now focused on his role as youtuber. “I have already given up on television and I have understood that I am not going to have any chance there, because on TV there are interests that obviously weigh more. I could go every week if I wanted to but what they offer me is not what I like.” like it and it’s not what I want”, he declared in an interview at the end of the year.