The most flirtatious Miguel Ángel Silvestre returns to the charge: we discover his latest conquest

There is no talk of anything else on social networks: goodbye to the bachelorhood of the most desired man in Spain. It seems that Miguel Angel Silvestre He has let ‘Cupid’ do his job and is excited about a young woman with whom he already shares cuddling and walks through the streets of downtown Madrid.

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At least that is what the images captured by Europa Press. The actor and his girl were very complicit on the way to the restaurant where they were going to have dinner. In the most romantic version of him, he accompanied the young woman to her house after her evening and they said goodbye to her with a passionate kiss at the doors of her home.

Last September, breaking his own rules, those of not talking about his private life, ‘the Duke’ shared with his more than four million Instagram followers some photographs with which he seemed to want to record that his heart was busy.

In one of the images, we can see the silhouette of two people giving each other a passionate kiss in front of a hotel room bed. In the next photo, the same silhouettes of those two people are holding hands. “Kisses that I would never forget. We met there… everything happened. I want to go back… there, to you,” the interpreter wrote in the post. We cannot confirm that the girl in these photos and the one on the walk through Madrid are the same person, but it is striking that this publication is still on Silvestre’s profile today. In these times, deleting photos from networks also means breaking up and these images remain.