Jota Peleteiro erases Jessica Bueno’s footprint and already poses with her new love, Miriam Cruz, in networks

While jessica bueno continue to accept your new reality without Jota PeleteiroThe former soccer player has already turned the page, especially on his social networks where there is no longer a photo with the mother of his children, but there is one with his new love, Miriam Cruz.

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This Friday, the Galician shared a corporate image on his Instagram account in which both are seen posing with the rest of the Rammalloc Sports work team, one of their companies.

Their relationship is going so well that the young woman moved to Bilbao to be with her boy and Jota proposed that they work together in that company so that Miriam has a job in the city. The young woman is the mother of a five-year-old girl.

The separation of the ex Kiko Rivera with the Galician, after more than ten years together and two children in common, it came out a couple of weeks ago on the program Fiesta, where they told that Jota with Miriam was a crush at first sight in Ibiza. Meanwhile, Miss Seville 2009 is so devastated that she even has the absolute support of her in-laws, who have also been caught completely by surprise by the breakup. Peleteiro’s parents are very close to her daughter-in-law, and more after the sentimental “madness” that her son stars in, according to The reason.