Antonio Tejado confesses to his family that he does not want to know “anything about María del Monte”: this is what his first hours in freedom were like

Laughter, tears, reunions, food, music… Nothing was missing this Monday in the center of Seville, in the well-known restaurant where the whole family has gathered to celebrate that Antonio Tejado He has left prison after three months in custody. The news came very early in the day and took everyone by surprise. Despite the joy, they have made a pact of silence in the face of the media, although there have been many confessions and reflections behind closed doors. The most notable, that of the protagonist of the day, who has not only actively and passively denied that he has never tried to contact his aunt during these weeks but that he does not plan to do so now either: “I don’t want to know anything about her.”

Tejado cannot communicate with his aunt (nor with the rest of the victims of that fateful robbery in August 2023) by court order, but he would not want to if they allowed him to. This is what Isabel Rábago, a close friend of the family, says: “He is tired of it being published that he wanted to talk to her. It is not true. He has said that he does not want to know anything about her”. And Antonio is very disappointed by the attitude of Maria del Monte and the lack of confidence on his part, something he did not expect. He proclaims her innocence and is willing to prove it in the trial that awaits him, where he faces a prison sentence of between three and six years in prison. “Since the day of her arrest, María del Monte, she has not had a single gesture with her sister, Antonio’s mother, and that is what has determined Antonio’s decision to distance himself from her.”

The family reunion included Antonio’s mother and brother, María José and Chema (this one, by the way, has paid for the meal), with his girlfriend, Samaraand also his lawyer, Fernando Velo. They spent six hours inside the restaurant, where María del Monte’s sister burst into tears on numerous occasions: “I’m crazy, very happy”he said when he heard the good news. “I believe in my son’s innocence and we will continue fighting to prove it.”

Tejado’s entourage affirms that he now needs peace of mind. It has been a very hard three months in prison and he just wants to be with his loved ones again: “He was happy today just to be able to move around the restaurant room without asking permission, eat with normal cutlery and not plastic, order what he wanted from the menu…”Rábago said. Tejado has received several offers to speak in the media (in exchange for juicy amounts) but he has rejected them on the advice of his lawyer and also at his own wish. Of course, they warn: “He is a free man and we will see him on the street, but he is not going to speak. He knows who has supported him and who has taken advantage of the circumstances to do harm.”