Tita Cervera, queen for a day: forget Borja’s contempt and pose with her ‘heiress’ on her most special night

Plethoric. This is how the Baroness Thyssen a gala day Women in Art 2024, where he received the award for his life and professional career in support of the art world. With a puffy black design, a chiffon bullring and an XXL flower at the neckline, the collector dazzled at the photocall and not precisely because of the stunning diamond and ruby ​​necklace she wore but because of the person who accompanied her, for the first time, in a gala of these characteristics: his daughter Carmendestined to continue her mother’s legacy.

And there is nothing better than a tribute to Tita to see, first-hand, the importance of her figure and her work on the international artistic scene. The Thyssen Museum was the setting for the evening, which featured important faces from the world of business, music and design. Carmen Lomana, Luz Casal or Nieves Álvarez They wanted to pay tribute to Tita at a gala organized by Harper’s BAZAAR magazine and in which they reviewed “the immense legacy of the woman who brought to Spain the most important private art collection in the world.”

But, as we said, the most important guest of the night was his own daughter, Carmen. The young woman, 17 years old (she turns 18 in July), who wore a bottle green satin dress with a midi tube skirt, draped bodice and large bow at the waist, will follow in her mother’s footsteps in the world of art, as and as the baroness herself confessed a few months ago. Studious, very intelligent and very sensible, Carmen is a twin. Sabina, Tita’s other daughter, who has poured her talent into other tasks: she plays the piano, sings in a soprano tone and writes stories, in addition to illustrating them. She is also the shyest of them, so there are very few occasions in which she is seen in public.

Both were born on July 6, 2006 through surrogacy and Tita has acted as father and mother for them since her brother Borja got married with Blanca Cuesta and started his own family just a year later. The disagreements between mother and son have affected the relationship between the brothers, who do not see each other very often. In fact, they did not even attend Tita’s tribute in Madrid this Monday.

The girls speak several languages ​​and study at an international school. After studying possibilities (Harvard, among others), everything indicates that Carmen will begin her university studies in Business Administration and International Relations at one of the most prestigious business schools in Madrid. “An international collection requires management similar to that of a large company,” said her mother.