Irresistible Paz Vega in Cannes: the actress brings the light of the Mediterranean with this thousand-striped look

With her radiant smile, red lips and a refreshing beachy striped look outfit. The 48-year-old actress from Seville has visited Cannes and enjoyed a pose that brings us closer to summer. This is how we saw Paz Vega in the photo session this Monday, May 20, in front of the glamorous Majestic Barrier Hotel at the 77th edition of the film festival.

Paz eats the camera in this pose. The Sevillian has chosen a set of oversized blouse and pencil skirt with two front button openings and a wonderful matching scarf that she wore around her neck. The interpreter of Lucia and sex has chosen a rouge lipstick to match her minimal sandals. The great set, from The Lab Edition, can be purchased for a thousand euros. We found her short hair with her extra long bangs to be ideal.

Paz coincided this morning in Cannes with Jonás Trueba, who made his debut in the Filmmakers’ Fortnight with You will return, a comedy that tells us about love that ends starring Itsaso Arana and Vito Sanz. In this film, the director has had the opportunity to fulfill a wish of filming his father, Fernando Trueba.

In the words of the popio Jonás, “one of the things why I wanted to make this film, I think, was to film my father. Maybe it was a longing or a desire that I had there for a long time and, suddenly, I found a film in which seemed to me to make sense and that I could do it in a limited way,” explains the director, in an interview with EFE in Cannes with Arana (co-author of the script and leading actress).