Isabel Luna, Ortega Cano’s special friend, says that she does not believe Ana María Aldón’s ‘show’ on television

For a few days he has been speculating about the special relationship he has Ortega Cano with the singer isabella moon. In fact, throughout these weeks the bullfighter She has come several times to enjoy her friend’s show and was even encouraged to give everything on stage while she interpreted a song that spoke of bullfighting.

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This Friday, without the right-hander present, the cantaora spoke to the press that was waiting for her at the gates of the place where she was having an event and gave her opinion about her friend’s still wife, Ana Maria Aldon.

Specifically, Luna questioned the hypnosis faced by the exfrutera in Fiesta last weekend: “I have never believed much in these things, look, I believe more in other things like ham, but for TV it is very good”.

In the midst of hypnosis, Ana María she talked about how lonely she felt when she had little José María, since her husband was in prison. However, Ortega showed his anger at his wife’s statements and sent a live message to Beatriz Cortázar to complain about what Ana María was saying: “He does not agree at all, José assures that there was no loneliness that You have described that Aniceto and the person who helped you at home were with you, and that the aparthotel where you were with your children was very dignified”.

The designer, far from being intimidated, replied: “My still husband is going to wait for me to finish speaking, because I am already getting very tired of not having the right to anything, of not having the right to talk about my own life, just like He has reacted now to what he has heard, he could also have reacted to other things that have been said and he has not even flinched. I am very quemaíta “.