The director of the Spanish Commission for the Fight against Doping in Sport (CELAD), José Luis Terreros, emphasized this Thursday that the new Anti-Doping Law “is stronger, fairer and clearer” than the previous one, and that it allows Spain to continue being “a strong international benchmark in the fight against doping”.

“The endorsement of a new legal and regulatory framework allows us to open a new stage in the defense of a competition on equal terms. A legal framework that is based on a new, stronger Anti-Doping Law, with new types of infractions, fairer and more clearer”, expressed Terreros in his speech at the ‘Europa Press Sports Breakfasts, sponsored by Unicaja Banco, Repsol, State Lotteries and Betting and DAZN.

The executive stressed that the new legislation “is stronger by eliminating the typology of infractions”, conforming “totally” to the World Code and introducing “new types of infractions to protect those who collaborate in the repression of doping, for intimidation, witness deterrence and retaliation against informants”.

“In addition, it increases the sanctions for some infractions, and contemplates their full publication, except in the case of minors and protected persons if it is not strictly necessary, who will also have a different sanctioning regime,” said the doctor from La Rioja.

He cited that the law is “more fair” because it now classifies athletes “at three levels of sports practice (International, National and Amateur)” and they will be penalized in an “adequate and proportionate way at these levels.” He also acknowledges that the so-called ‘Substances of Abuse’ have “a different penalty regime if they do not help improve performance or have been consumed in competition.”

“And it is a clearer law since its wording was much easier and it is very well understood, emphasizing clearly that the athlete’s Biological Passport constitutes proof of charge valid and applicable in Spain,” continued the director of CELAD. “It is based on consensus and an unequivocal commitment from all levels, in which we have made an enormous effort to negotiate with WADA,” he remarked, recalling that “for the first time in the history of anti-doping policy in Spain” it has adapted national legislation to the World Code.

Regarding the challenges for the future, José Luis Terreros assured that they face them “with enthusiasm using new very positive solutions to continue working for a clean sport”. “We want to give a new approach to actions in the field of education and prevention against prohibited behaviors, as well as promote research, all through the new Department of Prevention Policies
doping”, he said.

“We are going to continue improving the work of the CELAD Intelligence unit which, with the collaboration of the Civil Guard and the Police
Nacional, is already fully operational, and that it is an international benchmark for its operation and for the fruits obtained,” added the manager, who explained that of all the offenses discovered in 2021, “47 percent” were discovered by this unit.

Terreros also admitted that they have been “a bit of ‘Jiminy Cricket’ in Europe” and that they continue to be “a strong international benchmark in the fight against doping”, highlighting the creation this year of the Ibero-American Network against doping “to which all the Ibero-American countries on both sides of the Atlantic belong to it”.

CELAD is also going to bet strongly “for technological innovation and digitization” and for new methods such as ‘dried blood’, “which is clearly the future of the fight against doping through laboratory analysis.” “We are going to be one of the first in the world,” he celebrated.

“We are going to introduce important advances in control planning, with a redefinition of procedures with more
controls out of competition, more blood tests (4 percent more), more samples (33 percent more) for the Biological Passport and the implementation of another very innovative tool such as the Control Group to carry out many more surprise controls that are much more effective,” Terreros said.

Finally, the director of CELAD, an athlete in his youth, sent a message to the athletes. “Trying to win at any cost can ruin everything important. My long experience in this field has allowed me to get to know very closely and in depth the darkest face of doping, which brings terrible consequences for athletes, for sports and countries,” he confessed.

“Do not allow doping to take away your health, joy and freedom, do not be fooled, never be afraid to say no. In CELAD you will always find an ally”, declared José Luis Terreros.