martha lopez confirmed on Wednesday that Alba Carrillo y Jorge Perez They ended the night at his house after hooking up last Friday at Unicorn’s party, the producer of Ana Rosa Quintana. Meanwhile a flurry of information, new details of the soap opera that is marking the final stretch of the year continue to emerge.

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“Alba, on the way to Marta López’s house, call Jorge,” he said Antonio Montero this wednesday in Save me, before the visit of Marta herself to the afternoon program. “What happens in those 3 hours, according to Alba, is that they only talk about the consequences and the mess that what has happened can have,” she clarified.

The version of Marta López

According to the former big sister, Alba and she went to her house in an Uber and on the way, Alba called Jorge, who showed up at the house fifteen minutes later: “I gave them a mother-like chat, I told them that if they were aware about what they were doing, about what would happen if they found out and I told them I didn’t want to know anything. We were all adults there and we knew what we were doing. I was in the living room with them for five or ten minutes and I went upstairs to sleep my room. They stayed there.”

Marta added: “The next morning I went down and I was all folded and placed. I spoke to both of them and they told me that Jorge had taken Alba home… Removing that, the versions of what happened from one to the other were very different And I’m not going to reveal them.” And she sentenced: “I believe Alba’s, she is more sincere.”

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Apparently, Jorge and his wife, the coach Alicia Peña, are still together and living under the same roof: “Jorge has told all, all!, the truth to his wife about what happened with Alba that night. Jorge and Alicia are together at home,” he explained Maria Patino.

It must be remembered that Alicia supported her husband on Instagram until this very Wednesday and defended their marriage over information and images, which speak for themselves: “This will make us better and bigger,” she wrote. Marta’s conclusion is clear: “I don’t know the swallow holes that some have…”.