Two months have passed since the life of Tamara Falco took a radical turn. She went from having an engagement ring and a wedding date to seeing how the infidelity of her ex-fiancee, recorded on video, went viral. However, the Marquise de Griñón has already turned the page.

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This is confirmed by his mother, Isabella Preyslerwhich became the best refuge for his daughter when he grabbed all the headlines after his break with Inigo Onieva: “Tamara is great,” he said this Wednesday at a Moet Chandon event.

The girlfriend of Mario Vargas Llosawith whom he has confirmed that he will not marry because “there is no need”, confesses that, although it is “tremendous” to see “a daughter suffer”, Tamara has managed everything “very well”, and the family cannot be ” most proud” of her.

Regarding the designer’s decision not to be a single mother, Isabel believes it is sensible on her daughter’s part: “It seems great to me, it seems very good to me, I always support my children’s decisions but Tamara’s decision is also very sensible and correct”.

Regarding the television collaboration of the daughter of Carlos Falco in the anthillher mother believes that it is good for her: “She is very happy, she feels very integrated, they take great care of her, they treat her very well. She loves her very much Pablo Already Laura (the motorcycle woman). To the whole group, to Cristina Pardo, to Nuria, to Juan, so she is delighted.”

Leaving Tamara aside, Preysler also talked about his Christmas plans: “If I can’t be with everyone at Christmas, I’ll be right after. Last year we were together and this year we have to divide a little bit because they have to be with the other families. What I enjoy the most in these moments of life is being with my children and my grandchildren. Being a grandmother is something that is totally different from anything I have been able to feel… I am incredibly lucky.”